Our Vision

To know precisely what a brand stands for, to identify the brand core and brand values, to analyse the positioning in the competitive environment and to develop benchmarks – these are all strategic tasks. Building up a strong, visionary brand identity is a creative process.

In order to be successful, a brand must generate enthusiasm, passion, desire and fulfilment and demonstrate reliability. It must also reflect the individual lifestyle, attitudes and convictions of its owner.

Consumers trust strong and authentic brands because, with the endless stream of alternative offers and continuous innovation, they want to be able to rely on the security of the tried and tested. In addition, the interest of the consumer will migrate from the products to the companies that generate social trust and symbolise values that are important to people. Trust in a brand is the most significant prerequisite for success. It conveys to the consumer a sense of security and belonging.

A successfully implemented strategy helps the company and its brands to establish an emotional identity that is full of character – the “brand personality”.

Who we are

Strategic and creative consulting agency specialising in brand management and brand communication with 10 permanent employees and an interdisciplinary network of specialists, founded in 2000.

What we do

Profil Mai Communications


Consulting services for strategic and creative brand management.
Definition of brand images, development of brand names, claims and slogans.

Profil Mai Communications

Corporate Communication

Strategic brand communication for internal and external activities (B2B and B2C).
Development of holistic concepts and campaigns as well as their implementation online and offine.

Profil Mai Communications

Corporate and Editorial Design

Design of corporate design programmes (logos, business equipment, signage and guidance systems).
Editorial design and design of magazines, journals and annual reports.

Profil Mai Communications

Event and Promotion

Development and realisation of concepts for events, road shows and exhibition stands.

Profil Mai Communications


Digital brand management and development of content strategies to develop and maintain social media channels.
Concept development, screen design and programming of websites, microsites and blogs.

Profil Mai Communications

Film/Animation/ Trailer

Storyboards, film production, film editing, animations, sound development for the Web, social media, POS, trade shows and TV.

Profil Mai Communications


Creative direction, selection of photographer, photobriefing and production handling.